At Black Anchor Armory we work with some of the top wholesale firearm and sporting goods distributors in the country.  We have access to thousands of in-stock firearms, optics, magazines, accessories at prices that no other local gun store will beat!  In addition, our distributors run monthly and weekly specials and feature firearm exclusives that you will not find anywhere else.  Our online inventory is constantly changing with new live inventory so be sure to check back often even for hard to find items!

Click SHOP ONLINE NOW above to look through our current online firearm and sporting goods inventory.  Buying a firearm through us online is easy!  Find the Firearm you are looking to buy, pay for it online and it will be waiting for you at Black Anchor Armory in 2-4 business days for handguns, 3-5 business days for most long guns ready for paperwork.  There are no additional transfer fees or hidden costs. Please contact us if you wish to pay for online products with cash to make arrangements.

There are various AR-15’s listed on our online store.  The majority of them are NOT Maryland compliant.  Please call us BEFORE you buy any AR-15 online. 

If you have any questions on inventory or how to shop on our online store please contact us.

The Transfer, Sale, Trade, Gift, or Manufacturing of Detachable Firearm Magazines that will accept more than 10 Round is BANNED in Maryland.

*Active or Retired Law Enforcement Officers are EXEMPT.

All Handguns made after January 1, 2003 it MUST have a Maryland Approved Internal or External Lock sold with the Firearm (Cable and Trigger Locks DO NOT Count).
The Maryland Handgun Roster Board has approved a list of Integrated mechanical safety devices for factory, distributor, importer aftermarket installation, or by licensed firearms retailers. Installation of any of the listed devices in an approved handgun when sold satisfies Maryland law.


All firearms displayed on our online store are meant for a national customer - we ship throughout the United States and laws are different in each state. Some of the guns listed for sale here are illegal in the state of Maryland as of October 1, 2013.  If you live in Maryland and want to verify a firearm is legal to buy in Maryland please contact us, or check with the Maryland State Police Handgun Roster.  Maryland residents who purchase Handguns not on the Maryland roster, or Banned Riffles are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

If you are buying a handgun you will also need a Maryland HQL license.

Search by Either RIFLE HANDGUN OR SHOTGUN then Manufacturer then caliber for your best results all items!

We Distribute for the following Manufacturers 

BEAR & SONS CUTLERY, 2A Armament, 2 Monkey Trading, 2nd Amendment, 3M, 5.11 Tactical

Accuracy Grip Inc., Accurate,  AccuSharp, Adams Arms, Adaptive Tactical, ADCO International, ADCOR, B.E.A.R,

Advanced Armament Corp,  Advanced Technology International (ATI), Advantage Arms, Adventure Medical Kits, A&G
Aguilar Ammunition, Aimpoint, Aim SHOT, Aim Sports,  Aimtech, Agdal Arms, AKKAR Sporting Arms,

ALANGATOR, ALEX PRO FIREARMS, ALG Defense,  Allen AlliantALPHA DOG SILENCER, Altus Brands, LLC, American Arms,
American Buffalo Knife and Tool, AMERICAN BUILT ARMS,  American ClassicAmerican Defense Mfg., American Pioneer Powder, American Tactical Import, American Technologies Network,  Amarillo, AMK ProductsAmmo Storage Components, Anderson Manufacturing,  Apex Tactical SpecialtiesArchangel Ares Defense Systems Inc, Armalite,
Armament System Armasight ArmscorA.R.M.S., Inc. Arsenal, Inc. ASCASP ATN Auto-Ordnance,AXTS Weapons Systems, A-Zoom

B5 Systems, Badger BadlandsBaikal,  Barnes, BarrettBarska, Battle Arms Development,  BCI Defense LLC,
Beard Buster, BEAR & SONS CUTLERY, Beeman Precision Airgun, BenchMaster, Benjamin Sheridan,  Beretta, 
Berger Bullets, BERRY'S MFG,  BersaBHC BOX,  Bianchi, Big SkyBillet Rifle Systems, Birchwood Casey,
Bismuth Cartridge Co., Blackhawk, Black Rain Ordnance, Black Spider, Blade Tech, BlazerBlue Book,

Blue Force, Bob AllenBOGgear,  Bog-pod, BokerBolle Eyewear, Bond Arms, Bone ViewBoresnake, Bore Tech, 

Boyt, Bravo Company,  Breakfree, Breakthrough Clean Technologies,
Breda Brenneke USA, Briley, Brown Bear/DKG,  Brownells, Browning Manufacturing,  BSA Optics,
B-Square, Buck Knives, Buffalo Industries, Bullfrog,  BullseyeBurris, Bushmaster, Bushnell
Bushwhacker, Butler Creek

CAA, Caldwell, Calico Light Weapon Systems, Cammenga, Camo Unlimited, Camp
Canik Caracal International, LLC, Carbon ExpressCARLSON'S Carlsons Case,Cass Creek, CCI, CENTURIAN AMMO
Centurion/DKG, Century Arms, Chamberlain DevelopmentChampion Target Co./ATK, Charles Daly, Charter Arms
Chiappa, Chip McCormick, CimarronCitadel, CITIDEL Civilian Force Arms, CMC Triggers, CMMG, C-More Systems
Coas,t Cobalt Kinetics, CobraCode Blue, Cold Steel, Colt, CompetitionConvergent Hunting Solutions, Cor Bon,

CORE 15CPD MAGAZINES, C Products, CRICKETTCrimson Trace, CRKT, Crosman,
Crossfire Elite, CROW SHOOTING SUPPLY, CuddebackCustom Metal Products, CVA, CZ-USA

DAC, DAC Technologies, DaisyDaniel Defense, Dan Wesson, Dead DeerDead Ringer, Decal Grip, Dednutz
Dednutz Products LLC, Delta Industries Inc. , Del-TonDeSantis, Devtron/Scopecoat, Dewey Mfg,
Diamondback,  Diamondhead USA, DICKINSONDKG  Dkg Trading Inc. ,DMA Inc.DNZ products, Do-All Do All Traps,
Doctor, Don Hume, DOUBLE EAGLE, DERRINGERDouble Star Corp., Double Tap, Defense, DPMS,
Drago Gear, DRD, Drymate, DS Arms, DSC, Duck Commander,
Duracoat, Durasigh,t Dynamic Research Technologies

EAA Corp, Eagle International Inc, Ed BrownEdge,  Edgecraft, E-Lander MagsELIMINATOR GAME CALLS,

Elite Tactical Systems,  El PasoElvex Corp. ,EMA Tactical, EOTechErgo, Escort, ESS Solutions,
 Estate, ETS Group, Excalibur, Excel Arms

FAB Defense, Fail Zero,  Famous Maker/DKG, Faust,i Federal, Fime Group,
Final Approach,  Fiocchi Ammunition, Fairfield,  Flambeau, FlashingFLIR,  Flitz,  FMK Firearms
FNH,  Fobus, Fortis Manufacturing, Inc.FosTech, Foxpro, Frankford,
Franklin Armory, Franzen Secu, FrogLube, FSDC

G2 Research, G96, Galati Gear, Galco, Gamo, Garmin, GECO, Geissele, GemtechGerber, GG&G, Ghost Inc.,
Gibbs Rifle Co Inc.,  Glaser,  GlockGlockmeister, Golden Bear, Gorilla Ammunition,
G-outdoors, Inc., Grand Power USA, Great Day Inc.Greylock Gear, Griffin Armament, Grip Force,
Grip Pod, Grizzly Products,  Grovtec, GROVTECH, GSM, Gum Creek, Gun Guard, Gunmate, Gunslick,
Gun Vault

Haley Strategic Partners,  Harbor Products, HarrisHarvester Muzzleloaders, HAWKE OPTICS, Handles
HCMags, Head Down Products, Heckler & Koch, Heizer Firearms, LLC,  Helvetica, Henry Repeating Arms
Heritage, Hevi-Shot, HEXMAGHHA Sports, Hi-Point, Hi-VizHIVIZ, HKS, Hodgdon,

Hot Shot TacticalHowa, Howard Leight, HPR AmmunitionH&R, HS, HSM,
HSPI,  H-S Precision, HumveeHUN Hunter, HUNTER LEATHER,
Hunters Specialties, HUSKEMAW

IMG, Impact Weapons Components, IMRIndependence, INFORCE, Inland,
Insight Tech Gear, INTER ORDNANCE, Interstate Arms Corp,
Intra Arms, Intrepid Tactical Solutions, I.O.,iONIOSSO, Ironsighter, ISCOPE LLC
ISSC, ITAC,  Ithaca GunsIWI-USA, Izhmash

Jamison Brass & Ammunition, Just Plugs, Just Right Carbine

Ka-Bar, KABAR, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Keng, Kent, Kershaw, Keystone Sporting Arms, KFS Industries,
Kimber, Kinetic Development Group, LLC, Kleen-BoreKnight & Hale Knights Armament Company, Knoxx,
KNS Precision, Inc., Konus, KRISSKwik-Site, Kwik Tek

L-3 Insight Technology In, Lancer Systems, Lanky, LANTAC-USA, Laser Ammo, Laser Genetics,
Laserlyte, LaserMax, Law Enforcement Targets, Lawry Precision Targets, LBE Unlimited, Leapers Inc.,
Leatherman, Lee, Legacy Sports, Leopold, Liberty Ammunition, Lightfield,
Limbsaver, Llama, Lockdown, Lone Wolf Distributors, Looper Brand, Lucas Oil Products, Inc.,
Lucid LLC,  LWRC , Lyman

Mace, Mace Security International, MagellanMag Instrument Inc., Maglula, Magnum Research,
MagPod, Magpul, MagSafe AmmunitionMagtech, Mako ,MANTAMarksman, Marlin,  Master Lock,
MasterPiece Arms (MPA), Matech, Matrix Diversified Industries, Maverick,  Maxim Defense Industries, Maxpedition,
McNett, MEC, Mec-Gar, MEOPTA-USA, Meprolight, MESA, Metro Arms Corporation, Meyerco, MFS,
MGI, MGM Targets, Midwest Industries, Millett, MINOX OPTICS, Mission First Tactical, Mks Supply, Mojo,
Monadnock,  Mossberg, Moultrie, M-Pro 7,  Mr. Heater, MRI,MSAR , MTM

N/A, Napier, National Magazine Inc, NcStar, Nesika, Nextlevel Training, Night Optics, Nikko Stirling, Nikon,
Nobelsport/DKG, Noreen Firearms, Norma, North American, North American Arms Nosler, Noveske, NRA Targets

OATH Ammunition, Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc, Old Timer, Olympia, Olympic Arms, Omega Safety System, Inc.,
Ontario, On Time Wildlife, Oquip Productions, OTIS,  Outdoor Connection, Outdoor Edge, Outers

Pachmayr, PALCO SPORTS, Panteao Productions, Para USA, Past Patriot Ordnance Factory,
Pearce Grip,  Pelican, Peltor, Phase 5 Weapon Systems, Phoenix,  Plano, Plinker Tactical, PMC, Pointer,
POLY CASE Ammunition, Port City Armory LLC, Powerbelt, Primary Weapons Systems, Primos, Privi,

Partizan Ammunition, Pro Ears, Pro Gold/MFR7, Pro MagPro-shot, PS Products, PTAC USA,
PTR91, Pulsar, PW ArmsPyramex
Quake, Queen Cutlery, QuiqLite Inc.

Radians, RamRodz, Ranch Products, RAND CLP, Raven Concealment Systems, Rayovac,
RCBS, Ready to Defend, Real Avid, Redfield, RED,WHITE AND BLUE, Remington,
RIG, Rio Ammunition Inc,. Rock Island Armory, Rock River Arms, ROGERS PRODUCTS, Rossi,
Ruger, Ruger Pepper Spray Systems, Rugged Gear, RWC Group. LLC, RWS

Saber Products Co., Sabre, Safariland, Sagen Hunters, SAKO, Samson, San Angelo, Sar Arms, Sauer,
Savage, SCCY, Schrade, Seahorse, Seal 1, LLC, Securecase Co., Security Equip, Seekins Precision, SEEK THERMAL,
Sellier & Bellot, Sentry Safe, SGM Tactical, SharpShoot-R, Shockwave Target, Shooter,
Shooters Choice, Shooters Ridge, Shooting Crhony, Shot Lock, Sierra, Sightmark,
Sightron, Sig Sauer, Silencerco, Silencio, Silva, Silver Bear, Silver State Armory, Simmons, Sims,
Sims Vibration, Sitzco LLC, SKB Sports, SLIDE FIRE SOLUTIONS, Smith & Wesson, Snap Safe,
SOG, Southern Bloomer, Speedfeed ,  Speer, SPHINX , Spike's TacticalSportlock, Springfield, SPS Guns,
Spyderco, SSA, Stack On, Stag Arms LLC, Standard Manufacturing, Stealth Cam,
Stealth Operator,  Steiner, Stevens, Steyr Arms, Stoney Point, Storm,
Storm Lake Barrels, Streamlight , Sunoptics ,Super-Brush, Surefire, Swab-Its,Swift Bullet

Taco Metals, TAC SHIELD, Tacstar, Tactical Force, Tactical Innovations, Tactical Solutions,
Tag Gunleather, Talley Manufacturing, TALOTanfoglio, Tangle Free, Tango Down, Tannerite, Tapco, Taran,

Tactical Innovation, Target Sports, Tasco, Taser, Taurus, Taylor's & Co.,  Taylor Brands LLC, Techna Clip, TekMat,

Ten Point, Tetra, The Gun Johnny, ThermacellThermold Design & Development, THOMPSON/CENTER, Thompson Center,
Thompson Machine, Thunderbolt Customs, Tikka, TIMBERLINE, Timney Mfg., Tinks, Tipton ,TOOL GRINDING, TorkMag,
Tornado Personal Defense, TORREY PINES LOGIC, INC, Traditions, Tresna Defense, Trijicon, Tristar,
Tries, Troy, TruckVault, Truglo, Trulock, TR&Z USA, TULAMMO, TURKISH INTERNATIONAL

UDAP,  Ultimate Survial Technologies, Ultra Dot, Ultramar, Umarex, UM Tactical,
Uncle Buds, Uncle Mikes, USM4, US Optics, US Palm, US Peacekeeper,

Vanguard USA, Vero, Vellini, Versa Carry, Versatile Rack, Vertx, Viridian, VLTOR, VooDoo, Innovations

Walkers, Walther, Warne, Warne Scope, Mounts, W Carlton, Weatherby,
Weaver, Weihrauch, Western Rivers, Wheeler, White Flyer Targets, Wildlife Research,
Wiley-X, Williams, Wilson Combat, Winchester, Winchester/US Repeating Arms, Winchester Safes,
Windham Weaponry, Wipeout, WiseWMD Guns, Wolf Ammunition, Wyoming

X-Grip, X PRODUCTS, XS Sight Systems

Yankee Hill Machine, YHM, Yukon

Zeiss, Zenith Firearms, ZeroBravo
ZEV Technologies, ZIP Factory, Zombie Industries