Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)

Unless otherwise exempt, as of October 1, 2013, a Maryland resident must possess a valid Handgun Qualification License (HQL) before he/she may purchase, rent, or receive a handgun. You do not need a Handgun Qualification License to own a gun you already have. The Handgun Qualification License is only needed for purchasing, transferring, or renting a regulated firearm after October 1, 2013.

IMPORTANT: If you already own a handgun or assault weapon prior to October 1, 2013, you do not have to complete the training to apply for the Handgun Qualification License.

For HQL training we like to work with Qualified Handgun Instructors:



 The CSA is certified to provide you with the required training for your Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) & Maryland Wear and Carry Permit. Classes that fit your Schedule! Come join us and receive your HQL and Wear & Carry training from a retired Maryland State Trooper in a friendly, safe and clean environment. You will leave with confidence knowing how to handle, shoot and clean a firearm as well as an understanding of the Maryland firearm laws. Small class size to ensure a safe and productive learning experience. Range with reactionary steel targets and regulation paper targets.Firearms available for training (minimal extra cost), instruction and shooting at the same location. Comfortable classroom with bathroom and private instruction is also available.

                   DAN NELSON (Lead Instructor)                                       CSA Course Cost:

                   24206 Asbury Dr.                                                               HQL 4 hours $100
                  Denton, Maryland 21629                                                    Wear & Carry 16 hours (initial) $300

                  Phone: (443)496-0880                                                       8 hours (renewal) $200
                  Facebook Page                                                                                              
              Bring Your Own Gun and Ammo                                       
Gun Rental Available for $10 (You Supply Your Ammo)

                                                                                                            *Glock 19 9mm        *Glock 22 40SW

                                                                                                            *Ruger 22Lr Semi Auto  *Revolver 38Sp                                                                                         



                    MICHAEL DOUGLAS PRIEST                                            4 Hour  Course

                    for HQL, CCW, & Security Guard Permits                   

                    Phone: (410)200-0020

For easy reference, please download/print our free information sheet in Adobe PDF format that will walk you through start to finish on the Maryland HQL process (link below):

Direct Link:  Maryland State Police HQL Page
                        Fingerprinting Service Providers

To apply for an HQL the law requires a fingerprint based background check.  We have a preferred Maryland approved provider we like to work with — Inquires,Inc.  Click here for their locations and to schedule an appointment online.


​In accordance with the Firearms Safety Act of 2013, the Maryland State Police have developed a web accessible Licensing Portal where citizens will submit, and Maryland firearms dealers will process, firearms applications.  The Portal is a web ‘dashboard’ that provides citizens the ability to submit and track multiple application types.  It gives firearms dealers the ability to access and submit 77R applications to MSP on behalf of their customers, and MSP Licensing Division the ability to receive, process and report on multiple application types via a single system.  The Licensing Portal will be available to the public January 1, 2017.  

If you have any questions, please contact Licensing Division at:​​