24206 Asbury Dr. Denton,MD 21629

(443) 496-0990

   DAN NELSON (Lead Instructor)


 CSA Course Cost                                                           

 HQL 4 hours $100                                               

 Wear & Carry 16 hour(initial) $300

   8 hours (renewal) $200

  Bring Your Own Gun and Ammo

  Gun Rental Available for $10 (You Supply Your Ammo)

*Glock 19 9mm        *Glock22 40SW
 *Ruger 22Lr Semi Auto  *Revolver 38Sp  

Caroline Shooting Academy LLC

  • Come join us and receive your HQL and Wear& Carry training from a retired Maryland State Trooper in a friendly, safe and clean envionment.

  • You will leave with confidence knowing how to handle, shoot and clean a firearm as well as an understanding of Maryland firearm laws.

  • Small class size to ensure a safe and productive learning experience.

  • Range with reactionary steel targets and regulation paper targets.

  • Firearms available for training (minimal extra cost).

  • Instruction and shooting at same location.

  • Comfortable classroom with bathroom.

  • Private instruction available.

Firearms Training / HQL / Wear & Carry