High Definition Rotary Engraving
The quality of rotary engraving rivals all other forms of engraving, equivalent to factory and ATF specifications.

Rotary Engraving Pricing:
Trust / SBR – $60 
Graphic or Up To 3 Lines of Text – $60
Graphic And Up To 3 Lines of Text – $95

** Please call to make an appointment.

Text Information – We have a wide variety of 240 fonts available.  If there is a certain font you would like to use we most likely can source it at no additional cost.

Image Information – We accept all vector formats.  JPG/GIF/PNG images do not work very well for most engraving applications but we can help you possibly source a vector version.

Items we can rotary engrave – We can rotary engrave all types of metal and most production plastics on flat and curved surfaces. We have already done engraving for lower receivers, barrels, slides, knives, money clips, flash lights, Glock barrels/parts and more.

After purchasing your new firearm we work with Tuckahoe Gunworks & Hydrographics to add several customization options. Custom Engraving of your own designs or Ours!
 *Cerakote                                        *Engraving      
  *Hydrographic                                *Gunsmithing

  *Trigger Enhancements                 *Restoration

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