Maryland NFA – Class III Transfers

If you are 21 years or older with a clean record, then you can own a NFA firearm/item; just be aware that special paperwork must be completed and that it will take some time for the NFA firearm/item to be transferred to you.

Black Anchor Armory sells in store AND transfers in NFA firearms and items.  Our cost for TRANSFERRING a NFA firearm/item is $100 (this does not include the $200 tax stamp fee).  We do NFA transfers for those filing as Individuals or those who have a NFA Firearms Trust.  Having a NFA Firearms Trust makes the whole process easier whole taking a lot less time.  Be sure to check out our Maryland NFA Firearms Trusts section for more information.

The high level NFA transfer process:

  • You arrange to purchase the NFA firearm/item online/out of state (please verify with us that item is a Maryland compliant NFA item)

  • Seller (SOT Dealer) will use ATF Form 3 to tax free transfer the NFA firearm/item to Black Anchor Armory (takes up to 2 months for ATF to approve)

  • You and Black Anchor Armory will complete and sign ATF Form 4

  • A one time fee of $200 per NFA firearm will be submitted to BATFE

After all paperwork is completed and submitted you are looking at lead times of 3 to 6 months depending on the NFA item submitted.