Glock Armorer Services Maryland

Black Anchor Armory is factory certified Glock Armorer and able to preform any services needed on your Glock pistols. This includes everything From Complete Cleanings, to Upgrading, and/or replacing broken or worn parts.

Most Glocks come from the factory with a 5.5lb trigger pull. This can be reduced and refined by upgrading your standard trigger components. By upgrading the factory components we can make the trigger lighter and smoother, resulting in better trigger control and more accurate shooting. We can upgrade your trigger based on your specific needs. Triggers can be set at 3-10 lb pull weights depending on the intended use of the firearm. Trigger work starts at $60 (labor only — parts separate) and include installation of all the internal components for your application, as well as, full dis-assembly and cleaning of the firearm. We use only high quality parts from Lone Wolf Distributors, Zev Tech, OEM Glock and a few others upon request. For an additional $20 we can include and install an OEM Glock extended slide stop/release, or OEM Exteneded Magazine Release. We highly recommend this add-on for individuals with smaller hands. Additional services and parts will have an additional cost. Contact us with your request for an accurate price quote.

Sight installation can be done on your Glock for $30 for most brands/types of sights.