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Quick Overview

This service is for those who would like Black Anchor Armory to file a Form 1 application on behalf of you, the customer. A Form 1 application is for the manufacturer of a short barreled rifle, shotgun or suppressor. To eliminate errors, it is best if the customer provides a picture of the firearm depicting the Make, Model and SN# of the firearm.  Black Anchor Armory will coordinate the collection of fingerprints, photos and signatures and notify the customer via email when the application is filed.

Once approved, we can handle your NFA engraving too! 

The $205 for BATFE Tax stamp will be collected at checkout

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Trust Name (Trust) or Full Legal Name (Individual) *

  • Type the name of your trust

Existing Manufacturer *

  • Manufacturer of existing receiver or firearm

Existing Model *

  • Model of existing receiver or firearm

Existing Serial Number *

  • Serial Number of existing receiver or firearm

New Barrel Length *

  • Enter the barrel length of the SBR you wish to manufacture

Caliber Designation *

  • Specify the initial caliber configuration. Multi is not an acceptable caliber

Image of firearm or receiver

  • Optional, An image showing the serial number, manufactuer and model helps prevent errors.

  • Allowed file extensions to upload: .jpg,.gif,.png

New Overall Length *

  • Enter the over all length of the SBR you wish to manufacture. This is generally 19" in addition to the barrel length